Integrated Signal installs cable for telephone, computer LAN, and other low voltage/communication uses (video cameras, temperature sensors, speakers, etc.). We believe in high-quality work, at reasonable prices; done on schedule, no matter what it takes.

We always try to explain options so people can make the best decisions possible with all the cost and technical detail available. We encourage our clients to build-in esthetics and future expandability -- while working hard to keep costs down. Our jobs normally include creatingdetailed and reliable maps that can be a permanent aid to administrators. Our policy of careful and easy-to-follow labeling at both the station and the far-end, make it easy for any professional teamto make use of our work. We offer full test-result printouts, in paper or on computer media.

The policy at Integrated Signal is, "Do it right the first time". We use the best materials and cut no corners during the installation process. As a result we have had 0% return calls to repair or replace any jack after testing. We have completed every major project on time. Furthermore we will do a lot of extra work that no one will see, but that guarantees safety: not only do we bundle and wire-tie our cable in the ceilings, but we are willing to reach way-up ... above the air ducts and the other pipes, so that if other contractors return to modify their work, our cables are safely out of harm's way.

We have installed, at low cost, extra protection when we feel it's needed. For example we recently installed several hundred feet of 2" flex ducts to protect cables -- our contract was very 'lean' and we knew there were no additional funds to cover this extra item -- but we knew it would be safer in the long run. We will often put gaskets on sharp edges that might take 5-10 years to cause problems.